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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ramayan Series Page 7

"Namo nama Shri Guru padukabhyam"

Episode 61:
Ravan sends his men to Kumbhakaran's palace to wake him up from his deep sleep. They take mountains of food for him and try to awaken him with their shouts, drums and trumpets. At last, Kumbhakaran gets up and has his meal. He is told about the war and the humiliation Ravan is suffering. Ravan goes to meet Kumbhakarna who tells him that it was unwise of Ravan to kidnap Sita. Ravan tells Kumbhakarna that it was too late for such talks. He now needed Kumbhakarna's prowess and not criticism. Kumbhakarna assures Ravan that he would go to the battlefield and destroy Ravan's enemies. Kumbhakarna leaves for the battlefield with a spear in his hand.





Episode 62:
Kumbhakaran comes to the battlefield, furious. Bibhishan tells Shri Ram that Kumbhakarna is Ravan's brother and tells him about the boon of Brahm for which Kumbhakarna sleeps for six months, wakes up for a single day and then goes to sleep again. Bibhishan goes to Kumbhakaran and tries to convince him to follow the path of dharma. Kumbhakarn says that his dharma is to fight for his brother and to die if necessary. Kumbhakaran fights with Sugriv, Angad and others and finally with Shri Ram. With his arrows, Shri Ram cuts his arms and andhis head. Kumbhakarn falls on the ground like a huge mountain.





Episode 63
Ravan is visibly shaken, when the news of Kumbhakaran's death reaches him. Indrajit wants to go to the battlefield, but his brothers Atitkaya, Devantak, Narantak and Trishira insist that they will go first. Atikaya challenges Lakshman. A terrible fight follows. Hanuman and Angad kill Devantak, Narantak and Trishira. This news reaches Shri Ram who is anxious about fight between Lakshman and Atikaya.





Episode 64:
Lakshman fights with Atikaya. Each sends an arrow which is nullified by the other. Atikaya goes up into the sky on his chariot. Hanuman takes Lakshman up on his shoulder. They continue their fight in the sky. Lakshman invokes Brahmastra and releases it. Atikaya falls to the ground. Ravan almost swoons when he learns of the death of his four brave sons. Dhayamalini, Atikaya's mother, accuses him of sacrificing his brave sons at the altar of his lust for Sita. Indrajit again seeks permission to go the battlefield,. Ravan hesitates, but ultimately agrees.





Episode 65:
Bibishan talks about Indrajit's valor and his many 'sidhis'. Indrajit comes to the battlefield. Lakshman fights with him, with Shri Ram's blessings. Bibhishan begs Shri Ram to help Lakshman as Indrajit's strength will increase manifold after sunset. As Shri Ram comes to the battlefield, Indrajit makes himself invisible. He aims serpent darts at Shri Ram and Lakshman. Bound by the serpents, they cannot move and lie helpless on the battlefield.





Episode 66:
Ravan congratulates Indrajit on his wonderful success. When Sita hears about the mishap, she is in deep sorrow and Trijata consoles. As sugriv and the others are worried about their Lord, the great bird Garuda comes into view, along with Hanuman. The serpents flee. Shri Ram and Lakshman arise, radiant as before. Shri Ram express his indebtedness to the great bird. Ravan and Indrajit are shocked to learn that Garuda freed Shri Ram and Lakshman from the serpent darts.



Episode 67:
Indrajit swoops down on Shri Ram's army and challenges Lakshman, who comes with Shri Ram's blessings. Indrajit hurls his Shakti baan and Lakshman falls unconscious. Ravan and Malyavan congratulate Indrajit, who boasts that he will present his father with Ram's head on the following day. With Lakshman lying unconscious on hs lap, Shri Ram wonders how he will face his mother Sumitra, and Lakshman's wife, Urmila.





Episode 68:

As suggested by Bibhishan, Hanuman flies to Lanka and carries Sushen Vaidya, the royal physician on his back. Sushen Vaidya examines Lakshman and says that his life can be saved, if someone can bring a herb called Sanjeevani before sunrise. Hanuman leaves in search of the herb. Ravan sends Kainemi, the master of sorcery, who with his magic power, builds an ashram and sings praises of Shri Ram. Hanuman goes ther. Kalnemi tells him that he knows who he is and why he has come. He tells Hanuman to take a dip in the lake, after which he would takehim to Dronagiri.





Episode 69:
As Hanuman gets into the lake he is attacked by a crocodile. Hanuman drags the crocodile out of the water, which becomes a Dvkanya. She had become a crocodile because of a curse. She thanks Hanuman and tells him that the Sanyasi is Kalnemi who is sent by Ravan to kill him. Hanuman kills Kalnemi, reaches Dronagiri, lifts the whole peak and flies back. Hit by Bharat's arrow, he falls down in Ayodhya. Everone is surprised as Hanuman arrves with the peak of Dronagiri. Sushen Vaidya saves lakshman with Sanjeevani her.





Episode 70:
Raven is shocked to learn that Lakshman is saved. Indrajit goes to perform a tantrik yajna in the temple of Nikumbhila. Bibhishan tells Shri Ram that Indrajit will be invincible, if he can complete the yajna. He, therefore, goes with Lakshman and an army to disrupt the yajna. Indrajit comes out as the yajna is disrupted. He fights with Lakshman. The battle goes on. Indrajit hurls Narayan chakra, but Lakshman humbly does obeisance to the astra and it goes back after doing parikrama of Lakshman. Indrajit realises that Lakshman is not an ordinary human being and he becomes invisible.





Episode 71:
Indrajit tells Ravan that his yajna has been disrupted. He takes leave of his parents and his wife, Sulochana. He goes to the battlefield and a fierce battle ensues. Lakshman takes out Indrastra, discharges the fatal arrow and Indrajit's head is severed. Ravan refuses to believe it. He rushes to the man who brought the news with his sword drawn. Malyavan stops him. When Mandodari comes and laments over her son's death, the truth dawns on Ravan. Shri Ram congratulates Lakshman and tells Hanuman to leave Indrajit's body body at the gate of Lanka with due respect.





Episode 72:
Ravan decides to kill Sita. Angry like Rudra, he unsheaths his sword. Maydanav holds his hand and tells him that he should go to the battlefield instead. In Lanka Ravan tells his army that only those who are not afraid to die should acompany him. He enters the battlefield like a whirlwind and challenges Ram and Lakshman.





Episode 73:
Ravan attacks Shri Ram with all his pent up fury. He notices Bibhishan and hurls a Shakti baan endowed with divine power, but Shri Ram takes the missile on himself and sways. Enraged Bibhishan, Sugriv and others attack Ravan, who becomes unconscious. His charioteer drives away from the battlefield. As Ravan regains consciousness, he reprimands his charioteer and orders him to drive back to the battlefield. The sun sets and with the blowing of conch shells the war ends for the day.




Episode 74:
Mandodari, while nursing Ravan's wounds, begs him to surrender to Shri Ram. In the morning while putting thetilak of victory on Ravan's forhead, the thali falls from Mandodari's hand. It is a bad omen, but Ravan does not care. He goes to the Shiva temple, makes his obeisance and says that the Lord is punishing him for his pride. But then, he has achievements to be proud of. He says that if alive, he would come and pay homage. Indra sends his chariot for Shri Ram. Shri Ram circumambulates the chariot and ascends it.





Episode 75:
The grim battle begins. Shri Ram's arrows severe Ravan's head. His head is soon replaced and this goes on. Killing Ravan seems to be impossible. Bibhishan tells Shri Ram tha in Ravan's naval is enshrined the secret of his invincibility. Reminded by Malati, Shri Rm picks up the Brahmastra. The weapon goes and pierces Ravan's naval. Ravan falls dead. Bibhishan mourns his brother's death. Queen Mandodari and the other queens come to the battlefield and lament. Malyavan surrenders Lanka to Shri Ram. Shri Ram tells him that he has alreadydeclared Bibhishan to be crowned as King of Lanka.





Episode 76:
After Ravan's last rites are performed, Bibishan is crowned in a magnificent ceremony. Shri Ram tells Hanuman to go to Lanka with the King's permission and tell Sita what has happened. Sita's joy is beyond words. She blesses Hanuman and tells him that she is eager to meet her Lord. Hanuman returns and delivers the message. Shri Ram requests Bibhishan to send Sita to the Camp. Sita arrives and undergoes agni-pariksha. She enters the fire, which assumes bodily form amd leads Sita to her husband. Shri Ram takes Sit in his arms and bow to Agnidev.





Episode 77:
Brahma comes and makes obeisance to Shri Ram. Shri Ram says that he is a mere man-Ram, son of Dashrath. Dashrath appears and blesses them. Shri Ram appeals to him to forgive Mother Kaikayee and Bharat, to which Dashrath readily agrees. Bibhishan offers his Pushpak Viman and they leave for Ayodhaya. Shri Ram stops near the ashram of Rishi Bhardwaj and sends Hanuman to inform Bharat of his arrival. After paying homage to Bhardwaj, he goes to meet Guha, where Sita performs Ganga Puja. As the news of Shri Ram's arrival reaches Ayodhya, the peole are overjoyed.





Episode 78:
Shri Ram reaches Ayodhya. People sing and dance in joy. He makes obeisance to Guru Vashishth, meets his mothers, and embraces Bharat. They proceed to the palace. On the way, Shri Ram expresses his desire to visit mother Kaikayees apartment. As Bharat does not enter the room, Shri Ram tells him to apologize to his mother. Even their father has forgiven her. Bharat touches his mother's feet and Kaikayee embraces him. The coronation of Shri Ram. Guru Vashishth crowns Shri Ram and Sita. The people sing praises of Shri Ram.







Sunday, October 17, 2010


"Namo nama Shri Guru padukabhyam"

Uttarkaand – Doha 13

Jai sagun nirgun roop roop anoop bhoop siromaney |
Daskandharaadi prachand nisichar prabal khal bhuj bala haney ||

Avataar nar sansaar bhaar bibhanji daarun dukh dahey |
Jai pranatpaal dayaal prabhu sanjukt sakti namaamahey ||

Tav bisham maayaa bas suraasur naag nar aga jaga harey |
Bhava panth bhramat amit divas nisi kaal karm gunani bharey ||

Je naath kari karunaa bilokey tribidh dukh te nirbahey |
Bhava khed chhedan dachh hum kahun rachh ram namaamahey ||

Je gyaan maan bimatt tava bhava harani bhakti na aadari |
Te paai sur durlabh padaadapi parat hum dekhat hari ||

Bisvaas kari sab aas parihari daas tav je hoi rahey |
Japi naam tava binu shram tarahi bhava naath so samaraamahey ||

Je charan siva aja pujya raja subh parasi munipatini tari |
Nakh nirgataa muni banditaa trailok paavani sursari ||

Dhvaj kulis ankus kanj jut ban phirat kantak kin lahey |
Pada kanj dvand mukund ram rames nitya bhajaamahey ||

Abvyakta moolmanaadi taru tvach chaari nigamaagam bhaney |
Shat kandh saakhaa panch bis anek parna suman ghaney ||

Phala jugal bidhi katu madhur beli akeli jehi aashrit rahey |
Pallavat phulat naval nit sansaar bitap namaamahey ||

Je brahma ajamadvaitamanubhavgamya manpar dhyaavahi |
Te kahahu jaanahu naath hum tav sagun jasa nit gaavahi ||

Karunaayatan prabhu sadgunaakar dev yeh bar maagahi |
Mana bachan karma bikaar taji tav charan hum anuraagahi ||

Sab ke dekhat bedanh binati kinhi udaar |
Antaradhaan bhae puni gae brahma aagaara || 13a ||

Bainateya sunu sambhu tab aae jahan raghubir |
Binaya karat gadagada giraa purit pulak sarir || 13b ||

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