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Jai Guru Dev
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Uttar Ramayan

"Namo nama Shri Guru padukabhyam"

Shri Ram's Rajya Abhiskek

Hanumanji is blessed by Sita Mata with the honor to be Shri Ram's devotee always.

Brahma sends Narad to Valmiki.

Story of Garuda & Kakbhushandi

Garud goes to Lord Shiva to know about Shri Ram and then goes to meet Bhushandi - the Crow

Bhushandi - the Crow narrates Shri Ram's childhood to Garuda


Episode 4: Narad conveys Brahma's request to Valmiki. Valmiki witnesses the killing of the Krauncha bird, curses the hunter, and recites the first verse.

Episode 5: Brahma inspires Valmiki to compose the life story of Lord Rama. Shri Ram is awoken by royal bards and Sita. The Rajmatas ask Ramji permission to go on a pilgrimage.




Episode 6: Shri Ram spends a happy family moments

Devi Sita's pregnancy and her wish to serve the sages and their wives in the forest is known


Shri Ram and Devi Sita welcome a group Rishis and hear spiritual discources from them.


Guru Vasishta tells him to do his duty and not to get caught up in human attachments like any other mortal.


Spies brief Shri Ram about a lady who wanted to meet him but was refused. Shri Ram orders the woman to be found.Bhadra tells Shri Ram that the lady is not to be found. Ramji suspects Bhadra is keeping something from him. He decides to find out himself.

Shri Ram goes around the kingdom to hear the talk of the villagers. False allegations are made on deviSita make Lord Ram shocked and angry.Sita is surprised to see her husband in a villager's disguise Sita inquires from Ram what he heard but Ram tells her it is nothing important and not to worry


Sita sends her maid to hear the talk of the people to know the reason for Shri Ram's anxiety.

Shri Ram seeks guidance from Guru Vashishth. Shri Ram asks Bharat to take the kingdom. Bharat, Lakshman, and Shatrughan are shocked and worried. Bharat refuses and cries at Ram's feet


Sita's maid tells her that the people suspect Hearing this Queen Sita is shocked.

She asks Ramji why he did not tell her the reason for his worry and takes him before the statues of his ancestors. She reminds him about his vow and tells him that sacrifice is necessary to win the hearts of the people.


Sita remembers the sweetness of time spent with Shri Ram. Both Ram and Sita remember past memories in the Pushp Vatika, their marriage, life in Ayodhya, and time spent with each other in the forest Farewell between Ram and Sita; Ram is pained to see Sita leave but understands that it is necessary to fulfill his royal duties. He is proud of Sita's sacrifice.

Lakshman refuses to leave SitaMata in the forest but Sita puts him on oath and encourages him to take heart.

Sage Valmiki feels the presence of Devi Sita and welcomes her into his ashram. The ashram ladies are overjoyed to see Sita and call her Vandevi.

Shri Ram prepares a bed of grass and decides to live the life of a hermit even in the palace.

Shri Ram fulfills his royal duties and peace and prosperity is spread under his rule. The praja is happy and satisfied but Shri Ram is quiet and sad, lost in his memories of Sita. Sita is also lost in memories of Ram

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