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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ramayan Series Page 5

"Namo nama Shri Guru padukabhyam"


Episode 41:
Lakshman enters Kishikindha in a fury. Angad goes and informs Hanuman who requests Tara to go and allay Lakshman's wrath. Tara is able to take away the edge of Lakshman's anger and Hanuman tells Lakshman that Sugriv has already issued orders for mobilising the warriors. Sugriv apologizes and accompanies Lakshman to pay his respects to Shri Ram. Even as Shri Ram is talking to Sugriv, great multitudes of vanaras arrive. Sugriv issues orders to send divisions of the army to the four corners of the earth. He sends Hanuman under the leadership of Angad to the south. As Hanuman touches the feet of Shri Ram, he gives him his ring and says: "I am ful of hope that you will discover Sita. This ring will tell her that you are my messenger.





Episode 42:Passing through a desert, fainting with hunger and thirst, Angad and others notice a cave from which birds come out with their wings wet. They conclude that there is water inside the cave. They enter the dark cave and reach a lovely grove with water and trees laden with fruits. They find Tapasvani Swamprabha, who tells them to have their fill as they have come on a noble mission. She even transports them to the sea-side by her tapes. There they meet Sampati, the older brother of Jatayu. Sampati, though old and weak, can see things very far off and tells them that Sita is in Lanka, a hundred yojan away across the sea. "But how to cross the sea?" The vanaras are worried and then Jamubant reminds Hanuman of his forgotten strength.




Episode 43:
Jambubant reminds Hanuman of his dormant strength. Hanuman's figure begins to enlarge. From Mahendra Parbat he leaps and flies over the sea. On the way, he politely refuses Mainak's offer to rest and outwits Surasa. Suddenly he feels a mighty force dragging him down. It is Singhika who opens her mouth, thereby, drawing him in. Hanuman kills her and reaches Lanka. At the main gate he confronts Lankini, the guardian Goddess of Lanka. He defeats her, enters the city and searches high and low. Finally he learns that Sita is in Ashok Vatika.




Episode 44:
In Ashok Vatika, Hanuman hides in the branches of the tree under which Sita is seated. Ravan arrives and tries his best to coax Sita to accept him. Insulted by her refusal, Ravan draws his sword 'Chandrika' when Queen Mandodari stops him. Ravan gives Sita two months to make up her mind. As ordered by Ravan, the guards try to persuade Sita and even threaten her. Trijata, a female demon, who treated Sita as her own daughter, saves her from the other guards. As Hanuman finds Sita alone, he sings 'Ram Katha' from his hiding place. Sita looks around and Hanuman drops Shri Ram's ring in front of her. Sita looks around and Hanuman drops Shri Ram. Hanuman comes down and assures Sita that since he has found out where she is, Shri Ram will come to her rescue without delay.





Episode 45:
With Sita's permission, Hanuman eats the fruits of Ashok Vatika and ravages the garden. He fights the guards and kills Jambumati. Akshoykumar, one of Ravan's sons, is killed by Hanuman. The news reaches Ravan and he sends Indrajit. Indrajit hurls the'Brahmastra' and Hanuman showing respect to the weapon of Brahma receives it with folded hands and accepts the bondage. Indrajit orders his men to tie him up with strong ropes.





Episode 46:
Hanuman is brought to Ravan's court in bondage, He tells Ravan that he is a messenger of Shri Ram and advises Ravan to seek refuge at Shri Ram's feet. Ravan, enraged by his words, orders that he should be killed forthwith. But since Bibhishan and others point out that it is unethical to kill a messenger, Ravan issues orders to set fire to Hanuman's tail. The guards wrap cloth on Hanuman's tail and set it on fire. Hanuman shrinks, breaks out of bondage and sets fire to Lanka.




Episode 47:
The courtiers discuss the situation in the court and Ravan tells Indrajit to order Vishwakarma to repair the damage done by Hanuman immediately. Hanuman takes leave of Sita and goes back with her blessings.  He meets Shri Ram and others, shows Sita's 'churamani' as a token, narrates his experience in Lanka and says that if Shri Ram wants to find Sita alive, he should immediately attack Lanka and rescue her.




Episode 48:
Shri Ram meets Sugriv and his vanar Sena. Hanuman gives an account of Ravan's army and the security of Lanka. Shri Ram, with the permission of Sugriv, organizes the army. They march under the star of triumph 'Uttar Phalguni' towards the southern sea. They reach the seashore. Shri Ram says that the army should camp on the seashore and rest. Ravan's spies inform him that Shri Ram, along with Lakshman, Sugriv and a huge army has reached the seashore. Mandodari warns Ravan, but he does not pay any heed to her. Sita is happy as the news reaches her through Trijata.




Episode 49:
Ravan summons his council. The members of the assembly in one voice, praise the prowess of Ravan and declare that Shri Ram is no match for them. Only Bibhishan pleads with him to send Sita back to Shri Ram. He finally falls at the feet of Ravan and begs him to listen to his advice. Ravan kicks him and orders him to leave Lanka at once. Worried about the welfare of the people of Lanka, Bibhishan discusses the problem with his ministers. They advise him to take refuge at Shri Ram's feet. Bibhishan asks his mother for advice and she too approves of his plan. Bibhishan then goes to Ravan and pleads again, but all in vain.




Episode 50:
Bibhishan flies with his four ministers and arrives at the camp of Shri Ram. He says to the Vanar chiefs: "I'm Bibhishan, the brother of Ravan, I have come to take refuge at Shri Ram's feet." Sugriv reports this to Shri Ram and says that he suspects Bibhishan's intentions, Angad and others also support him. Only Hanuman says that he sees no cause for suspicion. Bibhishan has comeas he knows that Ravan is fated to lose. Shri Ram says: "When one comes to me for refuge, I cannot reject him." He accepts Bibhishan as a friend and assures him the throne of Lanks.





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